There are 6 printers that can be divided between various jobs. We have the ability to print on almost any substrate and keep a variety of material in stock in order to meet the specifications that are set by our clients. We print on metalised, white and clear material and are able to print white and a gloss varnish. We have 2 laminators and can offer a range of gloss and matte laminates in various widths and thicknesses. Each bag is formed, by hand, according to the worksmap we are provided with. It is then filled with the product in order to give the most lifelike representation to our client.

Whether one is producing a gusseted bag, quadseal bag, sachet or stand up pouch, the worksmap needs to be considered during the design phase. In many cases we have found that our customers were unaware of the actual placement of aspects such as logos and windows prior to the bag formation and packing. A design can look completely different on paper as opposed to when it is printed and manufactured. We have worked closely with companies like Tiger Brands who are very pro-active and progressive in terms of testing the impact of adding metallic elements, gloss and matte varnish contrasts and well as matte and gloss laminate finishes.