Shrink Sleeves

It is always advised to produce shrink sleeve samples prior to going to mass production. Invariably every bottle is a different shape, which results in both high shrink and low shrink areas. The barcode positioning is also crucial to test at this stage. It must never fall on a high shrink area nor can it ever be positioned in a landscape format, as the shrinking process will cause the space between the bars to reduce. This would therefore result in scanability issues. The artwork needs to be distorted, printed and shrunk onto the bottle or can in order to make sure that it is in line with the visual sent by the client.

We print on either PET or PVC shrink material. We provide our clients with either a gloss or matte finish and have the ability to contrast the matte sleeve with a gloss varnish. The sleeves are seemed and formed and shrunk onto the bottle or can using a shrink tunnel.